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What is a Trademark?

     A trademark is a form of protection to guarantee that no one can use your trade name. It comes in the form of words and/or logos. In some instances, colors or textures can also be trademarked. Contrary to a patent (where the patent holder gets protection from competitors), the legal essence of trademark protection is to shield the consumer from confusion on the marketplace. A trademark applicant does not have to file for a trademark before using the word or logo; prior use solidifies the applicant’s position as the rightful owner of the mark.

    Trademarks can be either sorted by ‘class’ (similar products) or unclassified. If you do not use a trademark for a set time, it will be ‘expunged’, meaning that others will have the opportunity to use the same word for their own purposes.

    Trademarks offer a narrower scope of protection than patents, since the same word can be used for two completely different products without litigation between the two parties. Read our tips for trademarks.

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We represent one of the world's largest paintball manufacturers for creation and maintenance of their global IP portfolio

We are retained by two of Canada's famous families to  brand and protect their image and IP in Canada and the USA.

Our firm was contracted by one of the largest manufacturers of PET containers to oversee the transfer of intellectual property from its newest acquisition, a German PET container manufacturer.