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Mila Shvartsman

Mila Shvartsman has over 30 years of experience in the patent field, having drafted patent applications for inventions ranging from simple mechanical such as hang tabs to complex scientific matters such as telecommunications and quantum physics. She has drafted software patents using the same drafting style as used for Business Method patents; she does not handle Biotech and Genetic Engineering. 

Ms. Shvartsman was a former Examiner before the Soviet Patent Office (department of Technical Physics) handling mostly defense issues, and was involved in several pioneer inventions in Aerospace and Solid-State physics. She also worked for six years for one of the most prestigious North American law firms (Gowling & Henderson), and has spent the last 13 years as an independent practitioner.

Mila Shvartsman is a member of ABA, and resides on the Executive Committee engaged in the development of policies for transfer of technologies in the USA.



Ms. Shvartsman holds a Master's degree in Electronics from one of the three most prestigious universities in Moscow (Moscow Power Engineering University) (МЭИ).



Canadian Section of AIPPI (International Association of Intellectual Property)

Associated with the American Bar Association, wherein seven years voting member of ABA committees that handle patent affairs, business and management, computer and new technologies.

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