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If your company is ready to venture beyond the border, we will be there for you. Our specialty is trade with, or in the former USSR. There are many ways of exploring this fertile market: import/export of goods, establishing an office, or a joint venture, are just some of the vehicles used by foreign companies in the CIS.

When a company decides to enter a market such as Russia, there are many factors to be considered. For example, operational approval from government bodies must be sought in many cases. In Russia, this is sometimes a major hurdle because the Russian bureaucracy is strong and difficult to comprehend. As with everything, 'it's who you know' that counts. Another factor is cultural differences: usually, they are stumbling blocks and are potential sources of misunderstandings.

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We represent one of the world's largest paintball manufacturers for creation and maintenance of their global IP portfolio

We are retained by two of Canada's famous families to  brand and protect their image and IP in Canada and the USA.

Our firm was contracted by one of the largest manufacturers of PET containers to oversee the transfer of intellectual property from its newest acquisition, a German PET container manufacturer.