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Legal Services In New York State

The State of New York has some of the most fertile grounds for business in the U.S. From off-road vehicles in upstate New York to gourmet food in Manhattan, the state's diverse population makes it the ideal marketplace for just about any business.

However, even if you simply start importing your wares into the state or open a branch, you may unintentionally violate a state or federal statute. Therefore, it is advisable to conform your business operations to a recognized business vehicle. There are many different business vehicles available for the new-comer, from Limited Liability Corporations to C-Corporations. Before deciding which vehicle to choose, it is best to consult with an attorney.

 If you are considering starting a business in New York, or want to expand your existing enterprise, you will at one point require legal services. Leases, distribution contracts, and licenses are all frequent issues in litigation.

It is unquestionably better to have air-tight legal documents rather than litigation (which will cost you thousands). What is air-tight? A custom document foreseeing as many potential conflicts as possible. Lawyers have been using standard form contracts for many years, causing miles of ink to run for judicial opinions, because the form contract was insufficient for the parties' needs. To avoid litigation, it is best to draft individualized documents custom-tailored to your specific needs. If it is possible to foresee potential litigation issues, they can be avoided through comprehensible drafting.



Before recommending a business vehicle to a client, we always take the time to ascertain the client's future vision. Will the client decide to go public? How much control does the client want, and will the control be one day passed to the client's kin? These are the types of questions that will influence our advice and services. With our extensive tax knowledge base, we will do our best to prevent any unpleasant surprises in our client's future.

We take communication between counsel and client very seriously. The client’s needs can only be understood by the attorney through communication with the client. Attorneys working for large firms have substantial billable hours to fill, and would rather fill them with research (which is easier to justify) than spending time talking to the client.

We take a project-based approach, and will spend all the time necessary (within reasonable boundaries) to ‘extract’ the information from you. Using this information, we will build legal documents to insulate you as best as possible from any potential litigation.

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