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Business Taxation

When a company is involved in an existing or a new business venture, it is very important to consider all possible tax consequences. Even though tax reporting is generally on a voluntary basis, a government audit can ruin a company by imposing severe interest and penalties even for a good-faith mistake. Statistically, one of the main reasons for commercial bankruptcy is because a company is unable to pay its tax bill.

This is the reason why tax planning is so important: making sure that your company's activities are in compliance with the tax law will save you many headaches in the future. However, navigating tax law can be very difficult, and the safest route is to have a tax professional handle your matters.

With a tax professional, your company can take advantage of tax provisions you may not have known about, such as tax credits and income-reporting deferrals.

Corporate Taxation

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Our services:

We offer complete tax services, from helping you take advantage of the tax-free zone for foreign corporations in the state of New York to revising and advising you on your company's current affairs.

V. Shvartsman holds a Master's degree in Tax Law and a Certificate in International Taxation from one of the most prestigious and well-known institutions in the USA. With our personalized approach, we will take the time to explain the complicities of the tax law scheme.

Corporate taxation aside, if you need Estate Planning for yourself or a loved one, we can also help you to minimize your tax liability by drafting a complex will or establishing a trust.

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