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Why use our services?


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Our approach

Our philosophy is to provide highly personalized legal services based on the clientą°²esent and future needs. Our commitment to quality service for the client can be measured by the time we spend on studying and evaluating all possible options, and keeping the client informed at all times. Read about us.

Why use our services?

Suppose you want to buy a suit. You have two options: a large retailer and the neighborhood tailor. If you go with the retailer, you can pick out a very nice Armani off the rack, and the store's tailor can make the necessary alterations to make it fit better. If you go to a tailor, the tailor will measure everything twice, will let you pick out the exact fabric and style, and will do everything to satisfy you. The Armani will look great, but it will never truly fit you, because everyone is different. On the other hand, since the tailor took all the proper measurements, the suit will fit every contour of your body. Which suit would you want to spend a working day in?

The same analogy goes for your legal work: if you use a large firm, you may get the prestige and name-brand recognition, but does that really matter? Unless you are a large and wealthy corporation, chances are that the legal work will be done by summer students or entry-level attorneys with 80-hour work weeks. A supervising attorney or partner will skim the prepared document, and sign off on it. No real thought will be put into your individual legal situation, and you may not get what you want. In many cases, you will not even be able to speak directly with the person who does the legal work for you, so there is a much greater chance for a break-down in communication.

For a small and medium-sized business, using a small firm makes sense because the billing is reasonable and you are able to communicate your information to the person with the resources and attention span reserved primarily for your affairs.

In other words, instead of being just another client, you will be the superstar number one client you deserve to be. Please feel free to browse this web site. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.



This site will allow you to get a general idea about the services we offer. No information presented is destined to be legal advice, and it is best to contact us or your attorney for more specific information.


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We represent one of the world's largest paintball manufacturers for creation and maintenance of their global IP portfolio

We are retained by two of Canada's famous families to  brand and protect their image and IP in Canada and the USA.

Our firm was contracted by one of the largest manufacturers of PET containers to oversee the transfer of intellectual property from its newest acquisition, a German PET container manufacturer.




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